The transition to solar energy is an important step for today and a great investment for the future.
SOLARA specialists are always ready to assist you in this important decision by providing a free initial consultation. All you have to do is register for a consultation, during which you will receive detailed answers to all your questions.

As a result of the consultation, you will know the advantages of installing a solar system, how long the solar system installation process takes, and what warranty service includes.

Our goal is to make our customers as informed as possible. At the initial stage of the consultation, our specialists will visit your homes or corporate areas, where you consider installing the solar system. They will study your area and present a detailed analysis for the installation of the solar system.

Our specialists will also study your monthly electricity consumption bills, comparing them to the energy received from the sun.
As a result, our specialists will provide you with a detailed analysis of how much you will benefit from switching to solar energy and how much money you will save.

Our specialists will select the best solar system specially designed for you, including solar panels and other solar equipment.

Based on our proposal on solar system installation, you can make a final decision on whether you want to install a solar system and switch to the use of solar energy. Moreover, you will learn the costs associated with the installation, the installation dates, as well as other necessary details.


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