Once your system is in operation, you will be eager, to say the least, to see how much energy your system is generating. 

Using the internet or a mobile application, you can then view or download the data in table or graph format. Although different manufacturers’ energy monitoring devices display data in different formats, all of them convey the same basic information: the amount of energy (kWh) and power (kW), on a per panel or system-wide basis, at a certain time or over a certain time period (as small as about every 15 minutes, hour, day, week, month, year, and lifetime). 

The data are usually provided in graphical format or in a tabular format that you can usually download and then analyze further using a spreadsheet application if you so desire.  Using these data, you can see the amount of energy generated on a certain day; from what time to what time energy was generated; what time of the day generated the most energy; what effect does a cloudy day have on energy production.

Additionally, since historical data are available, you can notice any abnormalities in production and pinpoint them to an inverter, optimizer, or panel.


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